Samsung Gear S2 Classic Review – Great Smartwatch for Android

The Samsung Gear S2 Classic is here and it appears that the Korean based technology giant has finally landed the best smartwatch device in their repertoire. With a solid, well-made construction as well as a sleek yet modern look it seems poised to take the smartwatch landscape by sheer power.

Samsung Gear S2 Classic: Features & Benefit

It is currently priced as a high end device and is similarly priced to the Apple Watch. Based on our initial test run it appears to be in the ranks of the Apple Watch, Sony 3 and even the more affordable Pebble Time.

The Gear S2 is available in three variations: Classic, Dark Gray and Silver. Each design exudes a level of sophistication and elegance that signature Samsung sleek look and feel. It feels extremely comfortable on the wrist and it is also surprisingly lightweight.

SamSung Gear S2 Classic SmartWatch Review

You can choose between the traditional look and a more modern take with its bubble like screen glass. We can honestly say that it looks way better than the Apple Watch in terms of aesthetic choices. It utilizes ceramic bezel and 20mm genuine leather strap that feels comfortable on the skin.

In terms of design, the circular interface and the rotating bezel allow not only for easy navigation of programs but also push this device to the top of our favorite smartwatches in terms of look. It is also easy to use and is designed to be user-friendly.

What makes this device user friendly is the fact that it displays all important updates and notifications front and center. You can easily check for any new notifications with a simple glance. It is compatible with most Android devices, check with the retailer to find out if your device will be able to connect to the S2 with no issues.

It also comes with a wireless charging dock for a convenient and quick way to recharge your device. With elegant curves and premium finishes, the S2 classic smartwatch will turn heads. With powerful capabilities and sleek looks, it will help you get the most out of your day.

Is the S2 Classic Worth it?

This is a highly recommended wearable tech. It is reliable and easy to use with navigation and program loading done in a flash. In terms of features this one can have it all as it is equipped with Android compatibility.

If you want a top of the line smartwatch but needs it to be ideal for both beginners and experienced users alike then it has you covered.

Why We Like It

The Samsung S2 Classic is as good as they come. With a veritable list of amazing apps, durable construction and easy to use interface, the S2 will make the “smart” life even more convenient than it already is.

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